Bluestacks’ New App To Run Android On Windows

Silicon Valley startup BlueStacks brings the App Player for Windows shortly. They announced the device in the last May. It gets in action from today. The users will be able to download it from today. The App Player will allow its users to use the Android Apps in full screen view on Windows 7. BlueStacks has incorporated 10 basic apps into the App Player. They also put functionality into it to sync apps from Android Phones to PC.

The App Player will run on any desktop, any laptop, any notebook or any tablet that has Windows 7 as Operating System. The users will be able to enjoy the App Player by simply downloading and installing the App Player. The App Player is totally free to download. The users will also have to download and install the Cloud Connect App, which is also free for using the app.

After you install the app you will find an Android Gadget icon placed in the upper right corner of the PC screen. After it will be done the apps you will be able to enjoy the full screen version of the Android operating system. Here rises a question and that is how the apps, designed for touchscreen will work with mouse and keyboard? The answer will be that BlueStacks has made them capable of working with those devices.

It has been assured at the company’s side that by clicking on the BlueStacks App Channels users will be able to add more and more apps. Although the free version will permit only 26 apps more to add, but the upcoming App Player Pro will allow adding more apps including ‘premium’ apps.

But the company has declared that at first all the apps may not run well, but it is a great opportunity for the users because they will be able to access the Android Apps directly from their PC.