Bono makes lot of money from Facebook

The U2 main singer Bono’s investment firm now has a share of the profit of Facebook’s $US800 million.

Elevation Partners, Bono’s investment firm got into the deal before anyone could do so. The firm already booth a $US210 million back in November 2009.  The share now amounts to more than $US975 million, which is times four when  first bought.

Bono  identified as worst investor in America before, losing hundreds of millions investing in Forbes Media, owner of Forbes magazine.   Elevation Partners also invested around $US500 million and looses all the money.  However, they manage to their money back when Palm sold to Hewlett-Packard.

Serial Australian entrepreneur and financier Matt Barrie, who is currently CEO to was straight to the point when asked how the regular punter could buy into Facebook on the secondary market: he answers you can not.

However, Bono is not the only one, who made cash over the Facebok market.  As indicated, in the “Who owns Facebook?” website.

On the latest evaluation, Facebook now grows from $US15 billion in January to be worth about $US65 billion.  Last June FAcebook already worth $US23 billion.

The $US65 billion valuation  verified following the event that one of Facebook’s early investors, Interpublic, newly sold half of its 0.4 per cent share in the social networking site for $US133 million.

However, given that Facebook, now has over 750 million users, still a private company, it would be difficult for minor investors to get inside. Facebook  widely predicted to be getting ready for a $US100 billion first public offering (IPO) next year.

Employees in private tech corporation have already started cashing their shares through the use of exchange services like SharesPost and SecondMarket.

These sites not controlled or watched  to where close to the same extent, as public share markets, but lets  employees and early investors cash out some of their holdings though giving other cashed up investors the likelihood to get in before the IPO does.

Barrie said that for investors to invest their money in Facebook on sites like SecondMarket or SharesPost.  You should be a sophisticated or professional investor, with more than  $US2.5 million in net tangible property or $250,000 yearly income for the last three years to begin investing.

He added that since they are using second market to strengthen the investor base by buying up employee stock, since there are rules in the US about once you have 500 investors you are going to be  forced to go public.