Boost Up Internet Connection Speed In Windows XP

Qos Packed Scheduled can be described as a method of network bandwidth management which can be monitored with the importance of the data packets. Also it depends upon the priority of the packets data. Aside from that it also gives a higher as well as priority in the bandwidth levels. But you have to remember that it is not a very useful thing unless if you use application which are Qos-aware as well as which are running on a server, so before doing anything you have to gain some network overhead back by turning it

Here are some tricks that can help you by increasing the network connection speed, please take a good look on the following:

  1. First you have to make sure that in your computer you are logged on as an “Administer”. But do not log on with such kind of accounts those has just an administrator privilege.
  2. Then move your cursor towards start menu.
  3. Select run command from it.
  4. In the blank section type gpedit.msc and hit enter.
  5. After that move your cursor towards Local Computer Policy branch and expand that.
  6. Then you have to expand Administrative Templates branch from there.
  7. There after again move your cursor and expand Network branch option.
  8. Then try to highlight the “Qos Packet Scheduler”, for help you can find it from the left screen of your windows.
  9. After that move your cursor on the right screen of your windows and select “limit reservable bandwidth” setting.
  10. Then make a double click on the “limit reservable bandwidth” settings.
  11. Then go to the settings tab and check ENABLED item there.
  12. Here you can find a section regarding “Bandwidth limit %” select it.
  13. Next change the “Bandwidth limit %” to read 0 (Zero).
  14. After that close gpedit.msc.
  15. Now you can find your speed is increased.
  16. So just do it and enjoy.

But please not that this setting will not work on windows XP home edition.