Brand New Ipad Apps for FaceBook Launched

From the day, the Apple has launched its new generation computing device Ipad, it is in news and always for the right cause. This rich men toy is again in news this week and that is because Apple has launched a brand new app for the social networking giant Face book. This newly launched app which is dedicated for Face book user will help the user to experience their beloved Face book in a new way. According to the Appleā€™s officials, with the new app people can enjoy the Face book better as the chatting and sharing will be easier with the app and along with that color and texture of the site will also be enhanced.

On the other hand, the Face book is also soon going to launch a dedicated app for the Ipad users to give the Ipad users a new experience at the time of using Face book. Though Face book already has a dedicated app for the Ipad user but the social networking mogul is looking forward to give a new felling to the esteemed Ipad users.

Worthy to add, the Face book CEO Mark Zuckerberg is personally overlooking the project of developing the new app for the Ipad users. According to the sources, the future app will enable Ipad user to perform every kind of activity, including chatting and sharing photos at Face book without going to the main site.

Apart from the above, Face book is also on another project called Spartan, and the aim of that project is to give a new experience not only to Ipad users but also to every Ios device users. According to the non-official sources, the new app for the Ios device users will be written in HTML 5 and aims to provide a smoother platform to enjoy the social networking site.

Both the Apple and Face book are the number one in the niche they are operating in and both of them enjoy great loyalty from their user. Now these two giants have come forward to give their user better experience through joint effort. Both of them are encouraging their users to go for the other one. Apple is unveiling new apps for Face book to give Apple Face book user a new and rich experience and on the other hand face book has shown respect to Apple users by developing new apps for them. One thing is sure from the above fact that the Users are going to be the ultimate gainer, which is a great thing. Watch out this space.