Brand New MLC-Based Enterprise Ultrastar SSD From Hitachi

Hitachi has unveiled a flash based storage device today named as Ultrastar SSD. The brand new Ultrastar SSD400M is associated with MLC NAND based flash clips in spite of its existing sibling’s pricier SLC parts, where M and S are their model number.

In this matter the authority of Hitachi has stated that their new MLC based Ultrastar can play the key role in few sections such as a cost, capacity, reliability and endurance. That’s why its demand will be very high at the data centers.

Just like its earlier device, this brand new product of Hitachi has now built up with the collaboration of Intel. Though, Intel’s consumer 320 Series SSD has associated with the same configuration like 24 nm MLC NAND, but their brand new SSD400M has made up with high quality enterprise grade clips which are quite being able to boost up more performance including a write endurance of 7.3 PB – which on the other hand can be described as it will write 10 full device per day for next five years. Additionally, this brand new Ultrastar model is also associated with error handling and counterpart’s error correction for providing the additional reliability.

This brand new 2.5 inch Ultrastar SSD 400M model will be sold within the iterations of 200 GB or 400 GB, which includes a self encrypting version of the each capacity in order to confirm the specification of Trusted Computing Group. This device is quiet being able to connect via SSS 6 GB/ Sec and more likely it’s read and write throughputs are 64k.

With sequence to the fact Mike Cordano, the executive chairman of Hitachi has stated “The family of MLC SSD has been created in order to give direct answer to our customers for providing them a reliable price or performance based storage solution.”

But the company has not confirmed anything related to its price.