British Airlines Provides iPads to Senior Flight Attendants to Improve Efficiency of Service

In an attempt to reduce the use of paper and aid better customer service, the flight attendants in Britain have been given iPads. While many of the airline staff have received the tablet, many others are about to receive their sets. The gadget is supposed to help flight attendants to attend the requirements of the customers better. Efficiency seems to be the by word behind their intension. However, the project is still in the trial stage. Further assessments are required to find the increase in efficiency of the flight attendants. If the pilot project succeeds, then the project will be executed on a full scale.

British Airlines, in a press release earlier this week, has said that providing iPads will begin from the senior most flight attendants. All senior staff attendants are supposed to be covered under the program based in the result of this pilot program. The press release stressed on the intention to be eco-friendly and improve efficiency of the flight staff. As of now, all the information, requests and orders pertaining to customers are recorded on paper.  By promoting the use of iPads, the access of information is expected to be faster. The most commonly recorded data are travel arrangements and meal preferences. Use of iPads will also allow the flight attendants to have a better check on travel time tables, updates regarding passenger information or flight schedules and safety manuals. It will also be easy for the attendants and the ground staff to communicate with each other and for cross reference of information. On the whole, the efficiency of airline service is expected to improve.

Bill Francis, who heads the in-flight customer experience in British Airlines, said that the use of iPads is promoting better on-board service. He also said that if the pilot project proves to be successful, the number of possibilities for usage of the facility in the future will be endless. Francis continued saying that so far, the feedback that they have received about the use of ipads is very positive and encouraging. Both customers and cabin crew have appreciated the initiative and registered being benefited from the program. Prior to this British initiative, Alaskan Airlines had started the use of iPads for their pilots and the results were found to be very positive. Alaskan Airlines was also the first airline service in the United States to use iPads instead of paper. It is expected that more airlines will follow the lead and replace their paper work with electronic technology.