Call Of Duty App Now On Android

Call of Duty, the gaming sensation all over the world, will be available as an Android app. A of now, a convention is being held in California Los Angeles where all hardcore Call of Duty enthusiasts have met. The convention has been dubbed as Call of Duty XP 2011. Previews of the game are being provided to fans of the game along with gaming sessions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which has gripped the imagination of thousands of people all over the United States, made a declaration which said that features of game will be available as an app both in Apple gadgets and Android ones.

However, the creators said that the app will not be an ordinary gaming app. It will provide tools and applications for gamers to make alterations and modifications in the game such as change of weapons and other fighting gear when the player cannot be present in the game. The app aims at providing gamers the ability to lead a normal social life while still being able to continue gaming on the platform. The game is a huge addiction all over the country and has been known to keep people hooked onto it for hours, leaving them no time for socializing and mingling with friends and family. It has also been known that gamers playing such games tend to become introverted and aggressive, which can have dangerous repercussions on the mental and physical health of gamers. The introduction of this app will definitely send a cheer up the huge Call of Duty gamer base.

Call of Duty app is free for download for both Android and Apple users. Users will only have to provide basic info required for log in. This will give them access to the fighting gear. Once they have their gear, they can be connected with their game and make suitable alterations in the use of weapons and other gaming requirements. The launch date of the app is yet to be confirmed. The news about this impending launch has been met with mixed response. While some experts are of the opinion that the app will enable gaming addicts to come out of their shells and mingle more freely with the society, other opine that the app will act as a fuel for the existing addiction by making the game accessible from anywhere and at any time. Android app store already offers more than 250,000 apps and the number grows everyday.