Carol Barts is no longer CEO for Yahoo

Carol Bartz is no longer connected with the search engine company, Yahoo.  Bartz send a note to every employee, informing that them that she got fired by the chairman of the Board.

In her departure note, he says that she is sad to tell the employees that she got fired by the highest authority in Yahoo.  It has been a pleasure to work with the employees and is wishing the company to push forward.

Tim Morse now announced to take the responsibility as the Interim CEO.

Bartz took over the company back in 2009 from then CEO Jerry Yang, who is also the co-founder of Yahoo.  Her first task includes the reorganization of Yahoo so that the company would have a faster, simpler, and more responsive to people using their site.

For months, there are already rumors that Bartz is going to be replaced.  However, Yahoo’s Chairman Roy Bostock claims that the rumor was not true.  A spokesman of Yahoo once said that the rumor about Bartz getting fired is untrue.

In a statement, yesterday, Bart did not discuss the issue why the former CEO got fired.

Bostocks noted that the board notices massive growth prospects on which Yahoo can capitalize and their primary purpose are to leverage the company’s leadership, and present business assets and platforms in executing against such opportunities. The team filled with talents that could help the company grow. They are trying to explore and evaluate the possibilities and opportunities that are going to put Yahoo on a trajectory for progressions and modernization and deliver value to shareholders.

Before becoming a CEO, Barts served the company for 14 years, working as an Autodesk’s CEO.  She sued to work for Sun Microsystems, 3M, and Digital Equipment Corp before becoming the CEO for Autodesk.

Morse becomes part of Yahoo back on June 2009, a former General Electric executive from the chip maker company, Altera.  Prior to joining Altera in 2007, Morse spent 15 years at General Electric in a several senior management positions. Morse graduated from Boston College Carroll School of Management with a bachelor’s degree in finance and operations and strategic management.

Yahoo, also selected an Executive Leadership Council that is going to help Morse manage day-to-day operations, till the time that they have appointed someone prepared to take on the vacant position. The groups aim is to improve the growth prospects. Yahoo’s group assembled the best in their industry, which include Michael Callahan, executive vice president, general counsel, and secretary; Blake Irving, executive vice president and chief product officer; Ross Levinsohn, executive vice president, Americas; Rich Riley, senior vice president, EMEA Region; and Rose Tsou, senior vice president, APAC Region.