Catherine Doran to Become CIO of Royal Mail

The Royal Mail management on Tuesday announced that it has appointed Catherine Doran to be the next CIO of Royal Mail effective September, 1st, 2011. She will be responsible to oversee the technology transformation project of Royal Mail which includes implementation of new systems, equipments and software across the Royal Mail Group. The technology transformation project is going to cost 2 billion pounds for the company. Doran will be reporting to Alex Smith who is the Director of Business Development & Technology. She would also join the group executive team committee. Catherine would drive to get the transformation of the technology estate to strengthen the commercial and operational transformation successfully. She will be replacing Yvonne Ferguson who was being appointed as Royal Mail CIO following the departure of Robin Dargue to Alcatel Lucent in Paris in June 2010.

Catherine is currently serving as the Director of Corporate Development and has joined the company in 2006. She moved into her present role in 2008. During her tenure as CIO, Doran brought several new developments which led to the designing, planning and implementation of multibillion pound transformation project. She played a pioneer role in improving the rail infrastructure of the country. It was during her tenure that the company rolled out integrated traffic management program, which streamlined the information management and signal control systems. Initiatives were also taken to improve the data collection technique in track signals and switches. The business transformation programme started under her tenure has also seen a remarkable improvement in the quality and accuracy of the information which was provided to the passengers. Introduction of movement sensor controlled lights, new digital systems to provide better communication between the drivers and signalers, and renewals of out-of-date CCTV cameras were also done during this transformation project.


Doran has been into senior management and IT roles in many public and private sector companies in her career. Starting her career at the age of 19 in 1976, she has worked in Data Logic, British Telecom, NatWest Bank, Capital One Bank and BT Retail, prior to joining Network Mail.

She has studied Maths and Geography and is married with mother of 3.