Children’s Books In Ipad Get A Makeover

IPad can be used as an excellent e-book reader. Now, for the benefit of children and parents alike, iPad brings a new app. This app will allow users to replace the name of the characters in the story with the fact of their child. The facility will be available on every child’s book ranging from fairy tales to animal stories. The app has been introduced by JibJab Jr. Books. Along with the face, name of the child can also be replaced in the story. Despite being a good app that will bring a smile on every user’s face, the app is also flawed in certain ways. This app allows user to paste any picture in the books and change the faces of the available characters. Every character and story can be personalized and the effect is said to be very cute. However, the drawback of the app is that it does not provide any kind of sound effects, music and narration. The silence is oppressive and removes all the fun out of the videos.

The good part of the app is that it is easy to create faces and the resulting characters with the new faces look almost authentic. A number of features such as zoom, rotate and adjust are provided in order to get the face right. Photos can be snapped using iPad and can be used as a substitute for the faces. The adjustments are user-friendly and easy to create. The animations in the books are very effective and admirably done. The app also provides 3D feature and the characters with the new faces provide a completely real world 3D effect.

IPad is a very popular choice for e-book readers because of its sound effects. The text to sound features is very effective in the device. Although the new JibJab app is a pleasant one to have, they take away the effectiveness of an iPad experience. So, as long as parents do not mind reading out the stories to their kids, this app can work wonders.

The app provides one free book called “The Biggest Pizza Ever”. The app is free as well. However additional books will cost a few dollars. Users can take a monthly subscription of $3.99. New books will cost $7.99 for purchase. The good part is that the library contains thousands of books and the variety available is amazing. For the small monthly subscription fees, the number of volumes that users can avail makes the fees worth it.