China’s Transformation into Green City

In Boading, China, the city southwest of Beijing is China’s self-proclaimed Clean Energy City. The city is being upgraded as a manufacturing centre for wind, solar and other gear. This transformation into “green learning” would make it a prototype of environmental technology advancement.

According to Zhou Xingshi, a deputy mayor Boading is adopted a path of ecological civilization. It represents the efforts of the Chinese Government to benefit from the increasing global need for clean energy. In order to restrict soaring demands for imported gas and oil, the Communist leaders are also promoting solar, wind and hydropower. In this manner technology exports can be seen as a route to cleaner development and better wages jobs.

Green City

A strategy responsible for pushing Boading’s rapid development is installation of wind turbines by Chinese utility companies and Beijing’s promise to pay a certain percentage of the price of solar equipments. According to a report by the Pew Charitable Trust in March last year, China took a lead in clean energy investment at $54.4.billion, which increased by 39 percent from that in 2009. Investment rose by 30 percent to @243 billion.

Boading is 90 miles from Beijing in the Hebei province’s table-flat farmland. After the success of Yingli Green Energy Co., Boading has started publicizing itself as a centre for renewable energy since 2002. Yingli Green Energy Co. was a local start-up which was founded in 1987 and developed as a major supplier of solar panels. Boading was officially declared by the city leaders as a “Clean Energy City” in 2006.

As of today, Boading is equipped with two Government research labs, 170 companies which produce clean power equipment. Zhonghang Huiteng Windpower Equipment Co., one of the biggest wind turbine blade makers is included in these companies. Last year these companies had 45 billion Yuan (47 billion) revenue. It is predicted that the local industry will make a 30 percent growth every year by 2016. Local authorities are constantly working with these companies , coordinating job fairs, imparting training, and assisting in recruiting employees from local schools.

Chinese companies are liable to receiving support from the government like tax breaks, loans at low interest, free rent in business parks, etc. the Chinese government is highly supportive of the Green market. It wants a minimum of 15 percent of China’s power to be supplied through Renewable energy resources by 2020. With these constant efforts by the Government, business is surely booming in Boading.