Chromebook Releases, Google Music Beta, Google Storage

Google announces the Chromebook

Long back Google announced its Chrome OS and we have tried a bit of prototype Chrome OS when we glimpsed netbook Cr-48 at beta testing. Google finally announced its launch at I/O developer event. Google Chromebooks will be made available from June 15 in the US, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK and later, Chromebooks will be launched in many more countries. Chromebooks working on Samsung and Acer machines are made available on Best Buy and Amazon.Special features of Chromebook

In 8 seconds, Chrome OS starts completely, thanks to its special boot mechanism. This special boot mechanism also searches for any possible malware, viruses and spam. If miscreant activity is found, it automatically fixes the problem. Both 3G and Wi-Fi are supported by Chromebooks. Chromebook is nothing but a computer to work exclusively with their own Chrome OS. Chromebook supports only Google Chrome browser as Chrome OS is Linux-based OS, which is optimized to run only Chrome. It does not come with any applications installed, exception for their own Chrome. As you do all your work on cloud, your device does not store any of the data. That means you can buy a new system and still have same experience. All updates in Chrome OS happen automatically. Special feature of Chrome OS is that it encrypts all your data. That ensures safety of your data even if the device is stolen or lost.

Cost of the Chromebook

Chromebook price starts as low as $379.99 at for Acer Cromia. Chromebook (Wi-Fi) to almost $499.99 for Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook.

Google Music (beta)

In recent Google I/O developer event, Google proudly announced its new Google Music beta version. It is music storage and streaming service from Google. You can upload music to this as well and create your own customized playlists. The boasting part of Google Music is that it also works offline. It means you can play your recent playlists offline too. As of now, Google Music (beta) is now available only in US.

Google Storage

After a year of its launch, Google finally made its service Google Storage open to all without the need of an invitation. Google Storage is all-new now with lot of changes in its features. Certain trial feature is available only until end of this year, which provides 5 GB of storage free, whereas 25GB of data transfer into and out of Google Storage. A new authentication mechanism Oath 2.0 is supported. Objects as large as 5GB can be uploaded almost immediately.