Chromium Browser to Be Made Compatible to Android

Google plans to launch Chromium browser on Android platform. Although android is the product of Google, many have wondered about the absence of the obvious Chromium browser on the platform. Critic and Google supporters alike have wondered on the necessity of developing a separate Chrome OS when Android has already become immensely popular. The current browser present in Android is an open source browser like chrome. It is based on WebKit. However, the difference between the two is that while Chrome and Chromium are both open course browser, the android browser is a closed source one. Google now plans differently.

According to the Android team, work is underway to make Chromium’s DRT compatible for the Android platform. The team said that it will relatively be easy to achieve this as only simple changes have to be made in Chromium to make it adaptable. While Chromium is all set to enter the android platform, the existing Android port, which is incomplete, will be removed. Contrary to the existing Android browser, which is closed source, the new Chromium will make the android browser an open source one. The company aims at infusing Chrome as a brand in the Android system.

While the convergence between Android and Chromium is happening only now, it has been anticipated since a long while that infusion of Chrome will make browsing on Android more similar to browsing on a PC. With the development of a new Google TV, the browsing experience is intended to get better. Android Honeycomb, which is the version of Android that is used on tablets, already provides a near PC like browsing experience.

Google gains additional advantages as well. With Chromium integrated with android, it will mean a lot of free publicity for the browser. Although nothing much is revealed by Google about the repercussions of the Google – Motorola deal on Android being open to use by several companies, it is likely that Google will not pose restrictions on the usage of the operating system. With the enhanced advantage that Chromium will get when integrated with android, additional restrictions are largely unlikely. Chrome is not the best browser in the market and Chromium will probably do much better once integrated with the Android platform. In any case, considering the rate at which the sale figures of android smart phones are increasing, coupled with all the companies that use Android for their devise, the usage of Chromium will get a huge boost as well.