Close All Open Application Just With A Click And Save Your Time

When anyone opens his/her computer he/she does not take a look how many applications he/she opens at a time. But when he/she has to close his/her desktop for rebooting purposes then he/she has to close all the application manually one by one. So it just only wastes of time nothing more than that. If you are one of those people and do the same in such situation and want to find out a suitable solution for that then need not to be worry really a pretty good solution in waiting for you. The NTWind Software can be a perfect choice for you in such situation, which will give you the ability of closing all the Windows button on your computer just a click instead of manually closing each of the application.

Now I know what is moving in your mind. You must be thinking about how to do that? Is that possible or not? But need not to be worry I am here to teach you how you can use NTWind and can save a lot of your important times.


  1. You have to download or arrange NTWind Software from the internet or any other resource.
  2. Do extract the Close All folder towards a permanent allocation place on your computer, as for help you may extract that software to C:\Program Files\ because here all the application are typically installed.closeall1
  3. Then drag the Close All Windows application from the Close All application folder onto the taskbar.closeall2
  4. Click on the Close All icon on your taskbar.
  5. Then you must find all you applications are being closed.
  6. Just do it and enjoy.