Comcast Presently Offering Current Movies At Home

Comcast and Universal Pictures have great news for movie lovers. There are lots of people all over the world, who love to watch movies, but don’t like to go to the theatres. Comcast and Universal Pictures are jointly bringing a new scheme for such kind of people.  Comcast is offering access of movies that are still running in theatres to its subscribers within 48 hrs of ordering in the cost of $ 60 each movie. The movies will be streamed to the subscribers through video on demand.

The first movie that the subscribers of Comcast will be able to watch, sitting at their home through that service is Tower Heist, starring Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick. The comedy film is expected to release in theatres on 4th November. But the one condition that the subscribers will have to fulfill is that they have to list their order as soon as after November 23. Nearly half million subscribers of Atlanta, Georgia, Portland and Oregon will be enjoying the benefits of the service for the first time.

At first the cost of $ 60 for a single movie may sound ridicules, but if you calculate all the additional expenditure in a whole family outing for the purpose of watching a movie, then you will definitely find that the scheme is profitable. More over it will offer you the facility of watching your favorite movie at your home with your family or loved ones or friends perfectly in the circumstance that you would like to have.

Like all the things on the earth that scheme has some negative sides too. While watching movie at the home people are surely going to miss the enjoyment of big screen and superb sound system that keeps ringing in head even after leaving the theatre.

Another negative side is that there are strong chances of exploring the movie to Torrent sites. Though Comcast has not yet informed anything about the protection of the movies.