Comparison Between Better Device – ipad or iphone?

As the technology is up at rise and we see a new high tech product every day, we want something which could make our lives hassle free and peaceful. We need a finger tip solution to our everyday problem and yet this is the demand of every human being today because, when it is already happening- it could happen again with more improvements and advancements. This is the reason we’re in love with ipad and iphone. Our research shows that iphone is more likeable than ipad and the reason below could affirm the statement.

Although Iphone4 has the best design ever launched until today, it is yet a complete package. It’s the beauty, smartness and the functionality we’ve always wanted. With quite a number of excellent features we see no reason to launch any other technology or any other model because we think we’ve already got what we’ve wanted since the childhood.Five things the new iPhone 4 does better than the iPad

The iPad is 3 months old and already looks old. The new iPhone 4 is in many respects than the famous tablet. Despite being three times smaller in size, have better hardware parts and a new operating system as the iPad will not before next autumn.

The iPhone 4 is a mobile and he assumes different roles the iPad. However, these two devices share many aspects and there we compare what better. The iPhone 4 wins.

These are the seven main advantages:

1.    Allows more than one application at the same time:

Both the iPhone 3G as the iPhone 4 can use the feature called multitasking. Especially useful if you want to browse your favorite newspaper and listening to streaming simultaneously.

2.    Create folders:

The accumulation of applications will not be a problem in the iPhone.

3.    Record and edit HD video:

The new iPhone has a 5 megapixel camera that records HD video. In addition to the iMovie application can be edited with transitions, effects, titles, music as if it is a computer. The iPad, input, has no camera.

4.    It has double the RAM:

The iPhone 4 brings 512 MB, 256 MB iPad. This means that the mobile can support a much wider range of applications. Both bring the same processor.

5.   Screen:

A sharper screen, despite being three times smaller, the iPhone 4 has almost the same resolution as the iPad. iPhone 4: 960×640 pixels. iPad: 1024×768 pixels. Besides the mobile screen is three times sharper: 326 pixels per inch. The iPad: 132 pixels per inch.

6.    Stainless steel antenna

The iPhone 4 is flat in front and behind, and a stainless steel band goes around the edge for decoration. This is not just a design feature it is actually the antenna. Never been done before and really is an engineering genius.

7.    Video conferencing

In addition to improvements from the camera to back of the machine, Apple also added a second camera to the iPhone 4, which is in front of the user. It can be used for videoconferencing; Apple expects it to become a trend in mobile phone use.