Control Your TV and DVD Player From iPhone

Here is a good news for those people who actually feel too much lazy at the time of picking up the TV remote in order to change the TV channel.

Now, a Brerlin based company has developed a new gadget which can convert totally an iPhone into a universal TV controller that can work approx all major model of television.

They also fixed its name already the VooMote One– it is such kind of gadget that fits over your iPhone and in the mean time allow you to choose or flip between your favorite program or function, moreover with the help of it you can make calls too.

Not only that, but apart from that you can also use this VooMote One as a remote of your DVD player and stereo too, so here is an option available for you to neglect your existing or traditional remote control.

Not only change of channels in the mean time it will provide you the option for controlling those volume too, which normally associates with a TV remote.

According to the maker of this gadget ( ) VooMote works with the help of wireless technology and will capture more than 30,000 infrared cords including thousand of electronic device also.

In general it can work with more than 574 TV brands, 151 audio and CD brands and 995 Top Box or DVR brands, moreover the company demands that they will update its list of compatibility every month. has also claimed that the VooMote’s main function is the ‘Room Control’, which allows you to access all where you will stay, such as in bedroom or in kitchen.

The software that works with VooMote, will come out as free application that can link up with the sleeve.

Thought, at present the hardware of this application in only available in U.S and it will appear in other parts soon.