Creator of the ITSP dedicates his life working on the game

Back on August 2, the software giant had released a new game for Xbox gaming platform.  The developer of the game Michel Gagné, “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (ITSP)”, spent almost four years at Sheridan College, learning  how to illustrate from 1983-86.

Gagné said he enjoyed living in North Oakville.  He tried going back to his native homeland a couple of times, but he had not time to do so. Every time he goes back he notice that the place looks different from the last time he was home.  Most of the trees were, he used to pay while growing up were all gone.  He got disturbed by that fact.

He and his partner, Joe Olson started working on the game way back in 2006.  They first discussed  the game while eating in  a restaurant, in Seattle, were they got served with Thai Foods.

Before they could work on the game, they worked for companies so that they could finance their dream.   It took them around four years before they could get the money needed in developing the game.

In 2007, they tried to market it with Microsoft and soon the other companies got interested in the game.  However, most of the deal was not good enough for them, so they tried to improve the game even more, so that they could sell it at a higher price.  In March 2010, they finally signed up with Microsoft.  It took them three years before they could end up with a good contract.  The people that they talk to the past is all gone now.

Gagné confess that he has not been playing video games for a long time. The only game he had played backed in the 80’s was the 2D side-scrolling games.

Gagné is not certain that he is the right man for the job since he has not been playing for a long time now.  However, Joe convinced him that they should be working on the game that they would love to play.

Joe got tired of developing games like FPS. He has already developed a lot of games for that genre.

ITSP players take on control of a spaceship on a strange world, an insanely twisted ghost planet. The game has some similarity with games like Metroid and Castlevania.

The game meant to be played for more than ten hours, but some game reviewers says it only takes five to six hours to finished the game.  However, there are some extra missions that would make the game play experience even better, so it will take longer if one are going to include those.