Cyber Hackers Steal Users Information From Sega

Here is a bad news that the Gaming giant Saga now has become the latest hacking victim regarding its user data, which has now exposed along with over millions of customer affected. Not only that, this Japanese Company already explained that the hackers already stole the personal data of their 1.3 million customers from their European Website.

On Friday an email was sent by this Japanese Company Saga to its customer those are using the Saga Pass System, which is admitting that their personal details including date of birth, email address as well as protected password had been taken out by the hackers. But it may be a good news that the company declares that no financial information was stolen.

This system was already taken offline on Thursday in order to reset the user password. So during the time period of writing the Sega Password System, this website will unable to online. Moreover Saga has already alerted their user that they might receive suspicious emails again regarding their personal details.

This email which Saga sent to their customer stated “We have now worked for launching an investigation into the extent of the breach of our public systems.”

“We have already identified that a subset of the Saga Pass member’s date of birth, encrypted password and email address was obtained by the hackers, but none of the password were stored there in plain text. Also please note that there was not any payment information stored by the Saga as we are now using External payment providers, that means your payment were not at a risk for this victim attack.”

Moreover this Saga Cyber attack is now following the similar type of attacks like the company of Sony and Codemasters, because  earlier of this June all the Password were stolen from the company of Codemasters, but at that case also no financial information was stolen.