Cyber Security Agreement between Russia and U.S.

Reestablish ties with Russia

In an effort to restore its previous ties with Russia, the Obama administration is planning to share cyber security information regularly with Russia. This is a step towards eliminating any misconceptions that surround the cyber security policies of the two countries.

Discussions last month

The representatives from the cyber security department of both the countries met last month to discuss matters. The Russian delegation was led by the National Security Council Deputy Secretary Nikolay Klimashin. According to Klimashin, the officials of United States of America and Russia were committed to tackle common cyber security threats to the nations.

Working to eliminate misunderstandings

The discussions were also a method to eliminate misunderstood incidents surrounding the two nations. These incidents include attacks on the US government setups and networks by hackers from Russia. Such hacking incidents have increased the threats to the networks during the last few years. The attacks have been risky to setups owned by the federal government comprising confidential information of the government authorities.

Pact for collaboration

During the meeting, the officials of the two countries agreed on a pact to collaborate on cyber security. Exchanges of military views on various operations related to cyber space were agreed during the discussions. In addition, exchanging regular information between the Computer Emergency Response and the Readiness Teams of the two nations was agreed upon. Moreover, the officials said that both the USA and Russia planned to utilize existing crisis prevention links of the two countries. These will be used to launch cyber security protocols for communication between the two nations.

Plans to implement the agreed terms by end of the year

The officials said that the agreed terms would assist in deepening the mutual understanding on the national securities of the two countries. Moreover, a better understanding between small and big cyber threats would be better understood. The officials said that all the terms agreed between the delegates of the two nations would be implemented before the end of the current year. During the last few years, relationship between the United States of America and Russia has been strained including their views on cyber space threats and related issues. The discussion and the agreed terms will work as a step towards improving the relationship between the two nations. Improving the cyber security collaboration with various countries is an important part of the Obama administration’s cyber space policy.