Cyber Weapons Are Now Admitted To Develop By US

The Pentagon carries huge lists of approved cyber weapons like viruses which they will use against the enemies of the United State. This follows a statement from the MoD or the Ministry of Defense earlier in this week, which stated that it will recruit thousands of cyber experts in order to shore up the UK defenses.
The main revelation which the US list exists as well as has been in use for a last few months was made by the Washington Post by some anonymous military officials. Regarding this purpose the military also needs a presidential approval regarding this attack of a foreign network, in spite of when the war has been declared, also in this case the approval may be given them in advance. But the approval does not need to be given to any kinds of penetrate networks in order to see how can they operate that.

So in this regard for an attack the presidential approval must be highly needed like that of the Suxnet worm, which already hindered lists of Iran’s nuclear programmers last year.

The report also stated that the country of United States also decided for not to launch any kind of cyber attack against an online jihadist magazine named as “Inspire”. But UK already made the attack. Due to this reason the magazine’s launch issue is now widely unreadable as a result.

But need not to be worry; a second readable version of this magazine was published two weeks later from now.