Datawind’s New Tab For Rural Poor People

A new tablet, named Datawind Aakash is going to be launched in India soon for people who do not afford to buy tablets, because of their high price. The upcoming tablet is co – produced by Datawind in the United Kingdom. The manufacturer has claimed that the new tab will come in an affordable price of $ 34 for students and $ 66 for all other people. Because of the price the datawind Aakash is going to emerge soon as world’s cheapest tablet in hand.

The size of the tablet reminds of a paperback. Among other specs that the Datawind Aakash will offer are two USB ports, Wi-Fi, pretty good 600 MHz processor, 256 RAM (although it is not very impressive but enough for that price), 3 hrs of battery support, SD card slot which is promised to be filled with 2 GB card and offer an expanse up to 32 GB. The tablet will run on Android 2.2 version. The only negative point that can raise an issue about the tablet is the resistive touchscreen. But here again it is enough for the price it is offering.

Official of Datawind has announced that they have planned to bring in market a little more high-priced tab called UbiSlate in coming December. The tablet will offer a unique feature of associating with a cellular modem so that it can access internet from anywhere. The unique feature will facilitate the tablet to serve as a mobile phone.

India’s Human Resource Development minister Kapil Sibai has distributed 500 tablets to meritorious students to run a trial. He has also announced that over 10 million tablets will be distributed among students in the coming couple of years.

Sibai asserted that their aim was to bring the computing and internet access in rural people’s reach.