Developers thinks Google + may beat Facebook someday

Google Plus is only a month old, but the numbers do not lie.  To date, Google + got 20 million users on their site.  Clearly, the number indicates that this new social site would someday beat Facebook.

The web development tool maker Appcelerator conducted a survey to know what developers think of Google+ popularity.  They found out that two-thirds of the 1,621 people who participated to the question “Can Google+ catch up to Facebook?” responded with yes.  Around 68 percent of the respondents believes that Google’s other assets such as search, Youtube and maps are going to help Google + be marketed.

Currently Google + does not do any marketing as they are restricting people from using the site. It lets users invite to their closest friend and families.  In short, the only way to gain access to the site, one must get an invitation from one of its users.

Appcelerator’s vice president of marketing and one of the surveys co-authors, Scott Schwarzhoff says that the developers are just going back and forth on the market needs, also what is about to come.  Google + seems to capture their interest.

The developers, who participated in the survey does not mind the fact  that Google+ has not given developers a set of application programming line to write to yet. The developers in the Appcelerator already fulfill that job.

The said survey reveals the plan of the developers to write Google + APIs.  There are about 72 percent of the respondents, who got plans on writing Google + APIs within the next 12 to 18 months.

The developers participating in the survey have a clear intention as they wanted to be one of the first developers to offer API’s.  Although, the new social site currently not offering API’s to its user.  The respondents were all fascinated with the Google + being new.  It includes features such as letting users segment their friends into different groups.  Good examples are coworkers, or soccer team, and direct updates given to the group.

Schwarzhoff has beliefs that mobile developers will primarily add the features of Google + into features to open applications, rather than signing up new programs.

Schwarzhoff say they want to drive the wide usage of applications.  For him, any application that will let the user stay away from using Facebook helps the application.

The survey got conducted from June 20 to June 22.  The company Appcelerator uses the survey to collect the opinion of the developers about Google+.