Diaspora, the unknown site that people should know

Anyone will get disappointed if they have prepared of a special event in their life.  Buy everything needed for the occasion, and gives out invitation.  Suddenly one would found one’s self, all alone in the cold since no one attended your party.  This is what just happened with hen new social network, Diaspora.

Some people are calling it as the best alternative to Facebook, since it has advance features that are not available on the largest social networking site today.  However, people are not going to leave Facebook behind since most of their friends are already using the site.  If they are going to use the new social site, then they may not find their friends online most of the time.  This is something that has haunted almost all of the social sites that aimed to bring down the social networking site today.  In fact, this is also the problem that Facebook encounter before.

This situation is similar with Microsoft since the latter company has already created such a popular name for itself.  Microsoft does not even need to provide the best product anymore.  People already used to the fact that the Microsoft product is the standard.  This could be seen on almost all the office, schools, and homes today. Microsoft dominates the computers since people are always using Windows as their platform.

Diaspora was an earlier formed than the rising Google+, but somehow Google+ proves to be more popular compared to Diaspora.  Currently there are over 100,000 users of the site.  Unlike other social network, such as Facebook, Myspace, Google+ and the likes.  Diaspora was not build to become a money tree, so there are no ads on the site.

Diaspora  built by a  group of college students, who want to provide Facebook a competition that would be better than any social site since their site is going to make available other resources that are coming from other social networking sites.

Some resources said that Google+ copied the idea of Diaspora since its made up of a lot of open-source programs.  However, it does not matter anymore since the developer of Diaspora does not have the same marketing power that Google+ (although, Google never used their marketing power it is still on the initial stage as it is only by invitation) has.

Companies insisted that Diaspora is different from the rest since the new site  not focused on making a community on their own.  Facebook and other social network are always is trying to build walled communities so that they could even make more money.