E-Book Readers – Can They Ever Surpass Paper Books?

What are e-book readers?
E-books, also called e-reader or e-book device, are electronic gadgets that function as makeshift paper books. These electronic books have been available since the 90s. However, their sales have picked up only in the past few years. Pages appear on the screen of a handheld device just as in a real paper book. With the increase in e-books, the electronic market has seen a huge upsurge in e-book readers. As per the latest statistics, the sale of e-book readers has surpassed sale of paper books. These electronic readers use electronic paper technology to provide a real reading experience to book lovers.

Features of e-book readers
Broadly speaking, an e-reader has to have high reading clarity. The basic features required are good contract between the screen and the text so as to read with ease, long battery life, lightweight and comfortable size, internet connectivity, anti-glare screen and large memory in order to save hundreds of books and magazines. Companies provide access to their libraries, which hold thousands of e-books and magazines. Libraries are regularly updated. The most desirable feature in e-readers is text-to-speech option. With this feature, you can have the gadget read out stories to you without having to read it yourself. ability to change the type and size of font are other useful features. E-book readers come with hundreds of useful features.

iPad as an e-book reader
Although there are several varieties of exclusive e-readers, iPad has made the feature available in its thousands of apps. People who own an iPad can download e-books, e-magazines and whatever reading material they like to have. With their multipurpose usage, iPad have the capability of eliminating excusive e-book readers. Moreover, you can download all the apps of Kindle and other e-readers from iPad app store. Nevertheless, the price of an iPad is far more than that of an e-book reader.

Advantages of e-book readers
The advantages of using e-book readers are many. For one, you can carry thousands of books with you anywhere you go in just a single tablet. Think of how many trees you are saving by opting for an electronic reader. Further, you can download any book you want from the World Wide Web, which saves you the trouble of running around shops. E-books also cost less than original paper books. Now, with the inclusion of anti-glare technology, you can read from the e-reader even in the sun without feeling the glare off the screen. These gadgets are portable, light and functional.

Are e-book readers better than paper book?
Now, this is a million dollar question. While the advantages of electronic readers are numerous, they seriously lack the joy of reading an original paper book. Paper books hold a charm and the sweet smell of paper that matches nothing else. You can let books lie around without fear of breakage. Every book you buy holds memories. If you lose a book, you lose just one book, but if you lose an e-reader, you lose your whole library. E-readers are useful; however, whether they can bring about the demise of paper books is a highly doubtful occurrence.