Education system of today is killing innovation what the industry demands

Years ago, it was realized that the education system is broken and now when years have passed nothing seems to have improved. In fact the education system is broken universally. The education system of young people has its basis right from previous centuries when capable workforce was required to stimulate the industrial revolution. The entire education system has turned industrial and is no less than a sausage machine. Those left uneducated at least go in at one end and come out from the other prefect for the purpose.

There’s a hard core industrialization since decades but the education system hasn’t moved on. As such the output comes out to be what one can expect from- unenthusiastic, unthinking, lack of creativity and little problem solving skills but the system full of algorithms for solving education problems, facts and figures. This clearly signifies that the education system is critically broken and is not at all fit for the purpose. Earlier the industries were all about process, about inhibited problem solving in the world slow in actions. But gone is that time and now is the world of companies which require fast-moving technology and advanced ideas to stand ahead in the competition and all that comes only from creativity and unconstrained thinking.

Teaching transformed to a form of priesthood. It only revolves around the academics without innovation. In the education system of today, students go to school, become graduates and then again enter into the teaching world. Children are taught the typical academics which is similar to the induction into the priesthood of some system of common beliefs. The phenomena of incestuous decline has although not hit the bottom of slope but its fast pace indicates it is not far from there.

A young man who was a bright child and advantage of years of Kumon math coaching made him sound in mental arithmetic skills at the age of just 12.but when he was given a problem to calculate the volume of rectangular based tank; he was unable to do it. But it doesn’t mean he was a dumb, he was pretty fast in calculations but when he was asked to calculate the volume, it was hard for him and he would probably be thinking it was not a mathematics problem. This was just an example which is enough to explain the need to change the education system from mere facts, figures and algorithms to solving problems by thinking.