Eliminating Apple’s Supremacy

Mobile gaming is a huge market

Not many people have a doubt on the tremendous opportunity that is provided by the mobile gaming segment. The opportunities available in this sector are comparable to the opportunities in the mobile computing sector. However, it remains to be seen whether new players in the business will be able to benefit from the opportunities while they serf on a platform provided by others.

Golden age in gaming

Bing Gordon has mentioned on several occasions that the world is witnessing a golden age in the gaming arena. Trip Hawkins who is the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Chocolate believes that this age commenced with the launch of the revolution of personal computers in the decade of 1980s. According to Hawkins, Nintendo is the company that modified the situation with the licensing agreements. Today, these licenses are normal where the developers are required to submit their rights to the owner of the platforms being used.

Platform owners are the beneficiaries

According to Hawkins, it was unfair that the developers had to forego their rights. In addition, he feels that the biggest beneficiaries are the platform owners, such as Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Moreover, there is tremendous competition amongst the platform owners. Hawkins feels that Google is a part of the entire game; however, its position was somewhat compromised. He says that Android is a way by which Google plans to reduce Apple’s share in the mobile market.

Browser holds the key

According to Trip Hawkins, the important component to succeed was installing the mobile device with an excellent browser. Although, Google and Face book are perceived as enemies, they share a common trait in that both are browser companies. According to Hawkins, a browser represents the road to freedom. However, Apple does not force developers to develop apps for its App Store. The developers are willing to accept the company’s terms and conditions. Similarly, app developers are continuing to develop apps for other platforms too.

Long-term strategy

However, Hawkins is looking at the long-term strategy of this arrangement. He questions on the number of companies that have succeeded due to Nintendo, Apple, or the iTunes Apps Store. Therefore, he preferred the Web as the platform of choice. However, there are some issues with the Web in comparison to native platforms. He encouraged developers to work towards developing apps suitable to the Web even if there may be some difficulties until HTML5 tools made it simpler.