Enterprises Prefer Apple over Android

Good Technology has released a report which says that although Android has shown exponential growth, they are not readily accepted by enterprises, who seem to prefer Apple.

Good collected data from its enterprise customers and found that Apple iOS is much more preferred and popular. The report also said that the second quarter has seen more activations of Apple iPad when compared to all Android gadgets put together. Android gadgets include tablets and smart phones.

Good Technology offers software that are used for different platforms such as phones and servers, besides offering a center for network operations through which enterprises can access business data more securely. The company has been releasing reports regarding the latest trends in gadget usage. BlackBerry phones are not included in the report since they are not supported by Good Technology as of now.

According to the report, 27.2% of activations were of iPad and its newer version iPad 2. during the same quarter, Android phones recorded 24% activation. However, Android tablets are largely lagging behind with just 3.1% activation. The poor performance of Android tablets has declined from the previous quarter. The number of iPhones activated was twice the number of Android smart phones. 66% of the total smart phone activations are of iPhones and 33% of all activations belong to Android.

The general market scenario, however, shows a complete reversal of trend. Android sales have overtaken iPhone sales in the open market. Despite this, enterprises are not very comfortable with their employees using Android devices. comScore reported that in May, while RIM could only manage 25% of market share of smart phones, Android captured 38% of smart phone market in United States and Apple had a market share of 27%.

Enterprises seem to be worried about the security arrangement of Android with regard to corporate emails. Although Android mobiles are compatible with Active Sync, several features are not enabled, thus making security a concern.

The prediction of Good Technology that Android would surpass iPhones was proven wrong in the light of the new report. The report by the company also said that no predictions would be made for the rest of the year since Apple has impending releases, the most awaited being iPhone 5.

In the second quarter of 2011, Good Technology reported that the use of mobile devices experienced a fillip with financial services companies. These companies made up 40% of total activations serviced by Good. The second in line were professional and business services that made up 21% of Good clientele.

iPad seemed to be the favorite of financial service employees. iPads witnessed 47% activation in the second quarter. This figure is more than a couple of times the activations of other industries.