Enterproid’s Divide To Offer Dual Service In A Single Smartphone

Nowadays smartphones has become part of our living. Be in a casual mood or in a work place we always want our smartphones to make our functions easy. In doing so a common problem that we often face is that we cannot expect latest productivity as well as security for our private data from a single device. Some of the companies offer outstanding features, but failed to protect our private data properly, while some protects our private data, but force us to use a device that seemed to belong to the middle age. For this restriction we often have to use more than one device to fulfill our various purposes.

Mobile networking startup Enterproid have announced that they are going to offer a service called Divide that will solve the entire previously mentioned problem. They have claimed that the solution called Divide will unable Android mobiles to support both the private and the professional platforms separately. The solution will offer protection to personal spheres like email, instant messaging, sms, web browser besides increasing the security, access control etc.

Users will be quiet being able to enable the easy switching between the two spheres of divisions, although while shifting from one sphere to another, the data of one sphere will not cross its boundary line. They can also have notifications of one platform while working on another. For more specification, it has been cleared at the company’s side that Divide works on ActiveSync way, which in general does not allow data to leak through Enterproid. So users can take a breath of relief that their confidential data will not flow anymore. That is good news for big companies also because not only their secrets will be secret, but also they will be able to access their employees’ phones through a web interface.

According to the startup they are just trying to fulfill modern peoples’ demand of having a single smartest and most secure device instead of using more than one.

That solution is going to be a threat for the mobile company Blackberry that is a well known for their security service.