Explore Google Street View In 3D

Google Street View can be referred as such a technology which is featured in Google Maps and Google earth which always provide some panoramic views from various positions along with many streets in the world. This service was successfully launched on May 25 in the year of 2007. So here is good news for all of you that you can now explore this Google Street View in 3D format and to show that you first need to use funky colored glasses, in spite of that you also need three things such as incredible, trippy experience along with Google Street View. To fulfill this purpose you have to use the arrow keys in order to move forward, backward and side to side. Also regarding this purpose you may also use W – A – S – D keys of your keyboard.


  1. Open Google Maps in your computer.
  2. Now navigate somewhere by using Google Maps.
  3. Now turn on Google Street View from there.
  4. As for help here I am giving an applet of Golden Gate Bridge. Just follow that.
  5. Now start to move around in street view to make sure that windows have now focused on that.
  6. After that put on your Blue-Red 3D glasses on your eye.
  7. Next press the 3 key to active street view in 3D mode.

But remember if you do not use 3D glass to watch that then only you can notice the color changes, not 3D experience.