Extend List Of Commands To Add To Right-Click Menu On Your Windows

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to extend list of commands for adding on the right-click menu on your computer as well as your windows. So basically all the time you want to open Registry Editor, but to do so you have to open up the run command then you have to type there regedit. But no need to do that, here is a simple tricks with the help of which you will quite be able to open up your registry editor. Just follow the following carefully:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Select Run command.
  • On the blank position type regedit.
  • Now your registry editor will open up in front of you.
  • Then go to the HKKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  • Again browse your cursor to Directory.
  • Then select Background.
  • Now from the Background select shell.
  • Then right click on that menu and create a new key and named it as “command”.
  • On the input position put any data from the list of data as given in the following.

Data list:

  1. For  Computer Management: Type  CompMgmtLauncher.exe,
  2. For Bluetooth Settings which is optional and unverified: Type  bthudtask.exe,
  3. For Character Map: Type charmap.exe,
  4. For Cleanup Manager: Type cleanmgr.exe,
  5. For Command line: Type cmd.exe,
  6. For Disk Defragmenter: Type dfrgui.exe,
  7. For Magnifier: Type Magnify.exe,
  8. For Management Console: Type mmc.exe,
  9. For Task Manager: Type taskmgr.exe,

10.  For Wordpad: Type write.exe,

11.  For Notepad: Type notepad.exe,

12.  To Launch Narrator: Type Narrator.exe,

13.  For Microsoft Configuration Utility or msconfig: Type msconfig.exe

14.  For MS Paint: Type mspaint.exe