F1 2011 Captures The Thrills Of The Race Brilliantly

Very often we see games having a gameplay which is far from reality. This gives a kind of unrealistic feel to the game which is very annoying at times. It is very much true for most of the sports games as well. A sport is obviously not as predictable as we see in the games. Hence a more practical approach to the making of a game is necessary.

The F1 2011 is one such game which almost captures the real thrills of the sport. It remains very much dedicated to the actual sport and enables the F1 fans have some great time. it might be a bit difficult for the gamers who have lesser knowledge about F1 to follow some of the complex rules of the sport but it will certainly a great experience for all to drive some of the fastest cars in the world.

The reasonable approach is best captured in the way cars are to be driven within the game. This is more like the actual sport where you need to push hard at the right time and use the available amount of fuel efficiently to successfully finish the race. There is the radio which is very much like the one found in real life this time and it gives all the possible advices at the right time. Information about the available quantity of fuel is there and it helps one to ascertain the way the fuel is to be utilised throughout the race. Driving on the fast fuel setting for too long will empty the fuel tank empty quicker and it will make you go for some serious adjustments in the fuel utilisation to actually finish the race.

`The graphics is quite great. The cars are more detailed and once you drive through the circuits you will find some exciting features like the LED cautions lights and the more realistic fans at the stands. The colours in the graphics are more genuine. The audio has gone through some brilliant improvements. The sounds of the engines, the gear change noises and even the car radio really add to the creation of the perfect F1 atmosphere. As said earlier, it will be a real delight for the F1 enthusiasts.

Handling of the car is another area where there have significant improvements. One will have drive expertly under the different weather conditions which certainly needs practice. However the lack of a proper tutorial does not help at all for the beginners.

The F1 2011 has some major improvements and is quite incredible but it will be difficult for the ones with little knowledge of the sport understand some of the things that happen at first.