Facebook Face Detection Technology Rolled Out WorldWide

The company of Facebook has now confirmed that their new face detecting tag suggestion system has now been rolled out all over the world, though it has been in use in the country of USA since the December 2010. They also declared that the new tech sees Facebook is quite be able to keep the track of what faces are tagged with which names in order to made easy to be identified who is in your photo frame as you upload them.

The theme idea of the Facebook is saving a lots of time additionally effort which all that pesky manual tagging features requires, but still some of the paranoid androids are too much upset with that because according to them Facebook rolled this new feature out without any warning.

Face Time detecting features:

The face time detecting does not indicates that the Facebook is storing some extra data on you, correspondingly it is also not hugely different from knowing what your face is exactly looking like, at the time when you are going to tag manually in a picture anyway, as far as we can see it.

But still if you are going to concern that Facebook can recognize your face than you can easily opt it out of being automatically tagged in any of the photographs that your friends upload.

So it can be gladly say that today’s scramming headlines are not totally wrong, because the Facebook knows very well what you looks like just like it always recognize.