Facebook Gives Apple Ipad a Cold Shoulder

Facebook has reached massive proportions in the past few years. However, it has been conspicuous by its absence in Apple gadgets. In the newer versions of Apple, it has to be seen whether the Facebook app is going to be available. According to sources, Facebook is choosing HP TouchPad rather than Apple gadgets to make its debut on the mobile circuit. Of the many rumors that were doing rounds, one of the major ones was about the inclusion of Facebook app. Now however, it seems like Facebook has chosen HP over Apple for its app.

Facebook to debut via HP TouchPad

Despite the fact that Facebook will make its entry through HP, it will follow suit in Apple gadgets as well. Apple, however, will not have the distinction of being the first gadget maker to host the Facebook feature. The social networking site will be available in most of the phones for download. Whether it will be free or charged is yet to be seen. HP TouchPad functions on the WebOS operating system.

Facebook and Apple are still not compatible

Facebook is to make its announcement this week. However, if the Ipad app is not released this week, then HP will take the cake, along with the cherry. The cold war between Facebook and Apple seems to have had an impact on the gadgets as well, which is rather unfortunate.  This news has led people to wonder whether Apple and Facebook will ever patch up differences and become friends. Apple customers, however, will have to wait some more time before being able to use the social networking site on their phones. Although the site is still accessible though Apple mobiles, a ready made app has been missing.

Customers speculate the reason for Face book’s choice

There is mass speculation as to why Facebook chose HP over Apple because Apple has a bigger customer base and a lot more successful set of devices when compared to HP. The only possible explanation can be that the internal war continues. Customers of Apple can only wait for the app to come to their phones.