Facebook Has Hit Over A Thrillon Page View In June

Google owned ad agency Double – click has stated that social networking website Facebook hit more than one trillion page views in June 2011.

On the other hand it also indicates that all the pages of this social networking website Facebook were viewed by their 870,000,000 unique visitors and users – the entire thing happened within the same month of June.

In a sentence page view means every time click on the pages, which can even combined with anything in this social networking website such as – linking pages, visiting in friend profile, sharing, browsing photo gallery or any application etc. And here one trillion page views mean the combined figure of entire thing that happened within the month of June.

But, as a single website YouTube has taken the second place within this month of June as Google service has stated in their double click’s judgment.

Hidden Secrets:

Everywhere in this social networking website Facebook user easily get the benefit to introduce their own photos or file from PC or from mobile.

Not only that some application like Hipstamatic and Instagram have now a day’s become more popular to its users despite of the other vintage look or their smartphone choice.

With the sequence to the fact New York Times has reported “In this matter this social networking giant Facebook has introduced more than a dozen photo filters – though some of them are as similar as grainy film and Instagram like old-style camera lenses. Moreover, this social networking giant Facebook is now trying to introduce their new feature that is drawing anything away from other picture applications.”

Within the same report New York Times has also mentioned “Facebook recently failed to take control of Instagram – so they are now trying to make their own photo sharing game.”