Facebook Has Launched Tag Approval System

Social networking giant Facebook has once again in the highlight, because of the announcement of a large scale of its overhaul related its own privacy settings. But the main reason behind it is to provide users more control over who has seen the posted item to their profile – in short tracking of profile visitors.

The entire change will take its effect from the coming Thursday – by providing each post of your wall a unique privacy setting, which will add by yourselves or someone else.

This beautiful Tag Approval System has also associated with a dozen of adjustments such as – it will provide the ability for approving picture and statues tag on your profile before they will appear on your profile or anywhere else on this website.

With the sequence to the fact Facebook has also declared that it will be too much helpful to all, because it will prevent the entire embarrassing tags that in general comes from your friend and has appeared before you have got any chance to ignore that.

Moreover, this application will give you the ability of choosing the exact person with whom you exactly want to share your own update status or post links or photos. Additionally it will provide you three settings to do that like the public, be it friends or a custom setting.

Not only that another improvement will give its users the opportunity to tag a location on this full website as well as the smartphone applications.

So in short this final top line change will provide your profile a new view setting, with the help of which you will be able to see your page of your profile for the first time which your friend will go to see.

In a sentence it will provide you everything which you exactly want from them.