Facebook Is Planning To Launch iOS Application Store

In the present market iOS of Apple house has already place its own position in the hurt of many people, so with the reference to the fact now the social networking giant Facebook has declared that they are now planning to uncover its own web-based platform for offering applications on Apple iOS.

It is according to the news of TechCrunch which reported that Facebook was preparing their new service bearing the code named “Project Spartan.”

They also reported that the entire platform is based on HTML 5 which is especially designed in order to run on the Safari browser which generally will power Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The entire move of Facebook will allow the user to avoid Apple’s tight noisy controls at their Application stores, so in specifically it looks like the application that even can pose a threat to the offering of Apple’s branded software.

Though, at present Facebook is offering an iOS native application that provides the access to all primary social networking function including comments, wall posts, news feeds etc.

The company Facebook has now in a long sought in order to move beyond its core social networking components as well as want to build a larger platform by recruiting the third party developers in its service.

Though this platform already proved themselves hugely successful in many segment including social gaming hits as Mafia wars and Farmville.

Though the company Facebook has also shared its headache over many years that third party application often blamed themselves for data links, rouge application and click- jacking scams.