Facebook’s New Mobile Messaging Application

The social networking giant Facebook has recently launched a mobile messaging application for the user of the iPhone and Android devices.

In this fact the engineer of this social network Facebook Lucy Zhang has said “Their brand new Facebook messenger can be used in order to exchange message between the Facebook friends, but it additionally gives them the benefit of exchanging their telephone contact lists also.”

Moreover, in this case Zhang in a recent blog post have highlighted the group messaging capacity of their brand new Messenger.

She has said “While you are on the way of coordinating a branch of people and you want to use a tricky way, then it must be helpful for you.”

Later she has added “With the help of this messenger you will quiet be able to start a group conversation or group messaging by sending a single message to everyone.”

Also the authority of Facebook has stated that this messenger is quiet being able to share your photos with others and track your location.

Zhang has added “If you ever make up your mind to add your location there then the people, with whom you are messaging can easily see each other location within this map. Moreover, here you can also add your own photos and everyone will get the benefit of watching you and comment on your photo. ”

Not only that this brand new Facebook Messenger is also associated with emails, IM and text messaging service.

Zhang is the co-founder of Beluga that was founded by Google employees earlier and from the beginning which allows its users to send group messages to their family or friends.

But last March this social networking giant Facebook acquired Beluga.