FCC’s New Low Cost Broadband Service For Common People

To increase the use of broadband services among poor people the Federal Communications Commission, abbreviated as the FCC has come forward with a new broadband scheme in market. The new scheme is believed to increase the allowance of low income people to access broadband service in an affordable price. The initiative has been named “Connect to Compete”. FCC has claimed that it is the largest initiative ever that will offer internet and computers to the selected families at a low price.

FCC has mentioned that in the Connect to Compete program will be assisted by cable services including Comcast, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Cox and some other big cable networks. But AT&T and Verizon will not be found assisting the program. However the company has not yet commented on the limitation of the scheme to cable services. The cable services included in the Connect to Compete program expected to offer broadband at the cost of $ 9.99/ mo and desktop or laptop at the cost of $ 150. FCC has declared that they are trying to convince many other telecom companies to assist them to make the Connect to Compete program successful.

Although FCC has claimed the program to be the largest initiative ever they are not going to invest money directly to the program. Instead they are found to convince non-profit organizations, telecom companies and some private businesses to invest money and offer the mentioned services and discounts to needy families. For instance, the families who will be interested in buying the $ 150 computer package can get the loan from Morgan Stanley. Microsoft will offer free software services and a series of $ 250 computers for low income families.

FCC has mentioned that they have criterion set for the Connect to Compete program and those families who qualifies the criterion will be able enjoy the benefits of the program. According to the criterion the qualifying family will not be a broadband user and it will necessarily include a child enrolled in the National School Lunch program.

The Connect to Compete program will continue for 2 years and it is subject to change in future.