Firefox 6 for Android Is Out – Resembles an Android App

The latest update for Android users is the availability of Firefox 6 for Android phones. The upgrade comes shortly after the launch of Firefox 5. However, this time over Firefox has shed its typical image that has become its identity and assumed a more demure version that resembles an Android app. The reason behind this unknown since Firefox is a huge brand in itself and one of the most popularly used internet browsers in the world. The browser overtook the popularity of Microsoft’s internet explorer within a short while after its launch. While several explorer enthusiasts opine that massive popularity of Mozilla Firefox was only because it provided a different option from the explorer, the general consensus is that the browser picked up popularity because of its features that were better than explorer. As to why Firefox 6 had to be made to resemble an Android app is a question of debate. 

Specifically, the new Firefox 6 resembles a “native Android app”. This means that the browser has been specifically designed to look like an Android app. The graphics have been remodeled and changes have been made in elements of user interface, fonts, image scaling and lower pixilation. Processors that are compatible to NEON have been used for better zooming facility. The features of the app are different from the existing Firefox browsers. Some of the special features are bookmark sync, addons and plugins that will make the browser easier to navigate and better to multitask. The browser has been made to provide a better mobile browsing experience, which is expected to be unique.

The browser has also incorporated the theme of Gingerbread and is made to blend in with the remaining elements of the operating system. Another special addition that has been made on this browser is the inclusion of languages like Hebrew and Arabic that are written and read from right to left. Although new additions have been made in the browser, it is actually nothing more than a minor upgrade. In keeping with Mozilla’s new policy of providing rapid version, which are better than the previous ones bit not necessarily a new version, the new Firefox 6 has a lot of similarity with Firefox 5, which in turn has a lot similarity with Firefox 4. The rapid version policy was put into action with Firefox 4. Firefox 6 can be downloaded from Android app store freely. Users are now looking forward to a Firefox browser that is more than just an update and a real new version.