Fix A Failing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Error At The Time Of Installation

It is found many times all the Windows patches as well as service packs have not installed successfully. In the following the definition of the Microsoft update does not yet quite be able to fix this problem usually. So here I am giving three things which will help you to get this update installed, just follow the following carefully. But be remembered, looking before you leap you have to complete all the following order as early as possible.

    1. Do click on the system drive to fix file system errors:
  • Do open your windows start menu.
  • In the run type cmd.
  • Next in your keyboard type Ctrl+ Shift + Enter.
  • Again in the cmd prompt type chdesk c:(your windows drive number) /f.
  • Now it will be recommended to enter “y” or “n”.
  • Hit on the “y” button on your keyboard.
  • Next it will prompt for reboot.
  • Wait until it reboot.
  • 2. Do Run The System File Checker:

  • Open your Administrative command prompt again.
  • Do type sfg / scannow on your keyboard.
  • Now you have to wait till it will complete.
  • Next reboot your pc.
  • 3. You Have To Download And Run The Windows Update Readiness Tool:

  • First you have to download the Windows Update Readiness Tool from the internet.
  • After completing that press on the run option.
  • Now you have to wait partially for it to complete.
  • This may take some little extra time along with little indication of progress till it will end.
  • Next see you logs by typing the following in the run area:
  • %systemroot%\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log
  • CheckSUR.persist.log