Ford Motor Co. has got a corporate presence on Google+

Ford Motor Company has secured a corporate presence on Google+. Till Saturday, the Ford Google+ site had 1222 followers who featured posts such as a photo caption contest, a question about what people are expecting out of Ford on Google+ and promotion of a live chat with Ford’s director of marketing communications.

In order to compete with other leading social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, it is necessary for Google to add these kinds of features in Google+. Though it is hard to attract people out of the facebook mania, but these competitive strategies can be fruitful for Google. Facebook pages and corporate Twitter accounts are a fixture of the social marketing world, and Google needs to match those if it wants a competitive offering.
Ford Motors Co

Social networking is not just about bringing people together in a place where they can chat and have fun. It has a wider scope and it is a hot topic today for businesses that want new ways of boosting sales, promoting their brand names, and engaging with customers. Now it is part of sales technique as social networking sites can be very helpful for a company to extend the business. The companies can get feedbacks, reviews, suggestions from the customers without much effort.

However, Google has been deleting other corporate accounts, saying Google+ today is optimised for individuals. Google is planning to release its corporate version of Google+ later this year. Now, it is focussing on individuals and trying to get new and competitive ideas which can be obtained when users will use it. It is trying to give a tough competition to other social networking sites and for this purpose, individual participation in the website should be given preference firstly instead of corporate participation.