Four Credit Card Companies Working with Isis to develop mobile Payment System

It looks as a payment system will become even more high tech as four leading credit card companies are now working with the Isis mobile wallet venture, so that mobile payment security applications would become a possibility in the US.

Visa want to get a license for its own software PayWave, to the future near-field communication (NFC) smartphones sold by the three wireless transporters in the Isis consortium, a said by a Visa spokeswoman.

Isis includes Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile USA, declared their plans previously this year to roll out contactless expenses using NFC-ready smartphones as tests in early on 2012 in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas.

The scheme is going to replace credit card and cash payments with a specially prepared smartphone passed near an NFC terminal. Phone users would  have the same credit that is coming from a bank as though they are using an existing credit card.

At the end of July, Isis announced it would launch movable payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  However, they did not give too many details about how does it work.

All four of the credit complexes offer contactless payment software that can be widely seen on cards containing chips than in smartphones.  Isis officials said in July that one that four leading credit card companies cooperated; they could expect an increase consumer and merchant acceptance of NFC-ready smartphones used to make point-of-sale purchases.

Isis still needed a working relationship with banks, which are going to work along with the credit network, despite not announcing the bank that is going to be involved in the trials.  Initially, after their launch, Isis worked with Barclays.  Now, they are ready to expand their service as they are willing to work with other banks.

The Visa spokeswoman said on Thursday that patrons of the three Isis delivery services is going to have the chance to buying smartphones preloaded with its PayWave technology.  MasterCard has their own software and call their contactless payment software as Pay Pass.  Both Discover and American Express did not have any software as of now, but expected to have the same approach.

Because of the several contactless payment applications, clients might be an influence in the launch of the application on a smartphone with a single touch.  Also, enter a PIN before waving it at a contactless terminal to make a transaction at a retail outlet.

PayWave is an application, supporting EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa)-level security, believed to be the payment industry’s chief level of encryption technology.   Visa has already used the system on their  smartcards, key fobs and some mobile phones.