Four More Suspected Hackers Arrested

The entire thing happens while four more members of the newly formed group “hacktivist” were arrested from the separate parts of UK on Friday. In a sense it can be said that it was a mixed operation of US and UK police enforcement authorities including the FBI.

Those four, who were arrested by the police, were then at their home at Warminster, London, Northampton and Doncaster at the time of arrestment. Though now they have kept under enquiry by the agents of the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crimes Unit.

This is not only for the first time that police have arrested its group members, last week on the same way they were arrested Peter Gibson, so in short it can be said that it was nothing but the sequence of that fact.

But we have not yet got more information from the police regarding this issue apart from that only two names such as Ashley Rhodes ( lived at Kennington near London) and Christopher Weatherhead (lived at Northampton and Ashley Rhodes).

As police said that they will represent them in front of Magistrates Court in Westminster within this month. The matter of fact is that both of this guys, whom police arrested on the basis of Computer Misuse Act 1990, were 20 and 24 years old.

On the other hand it can be explained that on September 7 we can find a mass court appearance, because at that day 14 suspected Anonymous members will be represented in front of Judge in San Jose, California. Though, all of them were strongly denied about any involvement with the past attack on PayPal in December 2010.