Fujitsu – Jack of all Trades But Master of None!

Fujitsu has launched Windows 7 slate aimed at businesses called STYLISTIC Q550. When looking at the security related features like fingerprint reader, smartcard reader and disk encryption, you’ll like it but that doesn’t mean it is not meant for people outside business. Users outside business will also like to make it a choice to play with on. However features like 10.1 inch screen, IPS display, Intel’s Atom Z670 single core CPU, built-in GMA 600 graphics and Windows 7 OS are especially aimed at making Stylistic Q550 for business.

As a business slate, Fujitsu’s Q550 Windows 7 tablet is not so polished as it ought to be. If it is to be designed for businesses, there are many features which it lags in. It does not share many traits with conventional businessman. If you are considering it for your office use, you can expect to improve your performance and to enhance the level of security than any other tablet or Smartphone currently available on the market today.

The STYLISTIC Q550 is also distinguished not in terms of excellent ergonomics but also it makes mobile data entry easy by combining multi-touch interface with precise and pressure sensitive stylus input. According to Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, various slate PCs available on the market today are fun toys but they do not meet business requirements and business needs that are holding enterprises back from agreeing to latest mobile computing technology. This new slate PC aiming professional and government computing markets is build with over twenty years of experience in building mobile computers for enterprise use.

Fujitsu has involved all the important detailing in its Oak Trail-based Stylistic Windows 7 tablet, or slate as the name given by Fujitsu, to suit your business as well as personal needs.