g.co- The Official Short URL Of Google Products And Services

This week search giant Google has announced their new URL shortcut g.co, which will link up only the official Google products and services. Not only that, this beautiful search giant already registered its domain name as .CO from SAS. Google has also decided to roll out g.co as its official URL shortcut in the near future.

By linking up with the entire fact the authority of this search giant Google have said that they are now using g.co in order to send you towards that web pages which are adopted by them. Now, only Mountain View can create that g.co shortcut, which is also indicating that users of Google will know what they are expecting from it, while they click on g.co link: a Google Service or a Google Product.

Just after finishing their first statement, the authority of this search giant have promised that this new URL will not harm their existing URL goo.gl, which is the first URL shorting service of Google. Here is not over, the authority have also demand that it will be the company’s first public URL shortcut which anybody can use for shortening their URL across the web.

Goo.gl was first introduced in December 2009, by linking up as a part of Google Toolbar as well as Feedburner, which was first acquired by the Google in June 2007. From the time of the release, this beautiful technology was adopted by the many Google products and eventually this beautiful service was went to the public at the end of the September 2010. After that, Google released an API services for allowing the developers in order to use goo.gl in their own applications.

Now, this search giant Google has understood very well the exact need of a better URL shortening service, that’s why just after realizing the exact fact they have decided to open it for every one. Though, Google has adapted this URL g.co, but it does not indicate that g.co will be the official URL of this search giant.