G-Technology Unveils Its Wireless HDD for Cell Phone And Tablets

G-Technology, a subsidiary of Hitachi GST, has now announced for launching their new personal storage device which can even act with the mobile device along with little storage capacity. It is too much similar like the GoFlex Satellite device. This new G-Connect has constructed with Wireless N access point that is quite being able to store content of any Wi-Fi enabled device including Android Tablets, Laptops, Netbooks, iOS or Smartphone, moreover to make data transfer quickly this device comes out with a dedicated iOS application.

Non-Apple devices can easily connect with this device via a browser and as it has also a DLNA complaint, so it will show up on your network like a media playback device which can be easily accessed with the compatible device like PSC console, GoFlex TV and others.

The G-Connect device can even quite be able to link up with up to 5 devices simultaneously, while its predecessor GoFlex Satalite can only connect three simultaneously. But the main problem that you may face with this device is this device does not include a built in battery, so you have to use an AC adapter or USB cable to power it. On the other side G-Connect is also coming out in the market with an Ethernet port support in order to connect to an existing network and a Wi-Fi access point which allows it for surfing and streaming content at the same time.

But the main interesting features of this new G-Connect device is that it supports privet and public folder, that’s why you can easily keep your data safe from the other users.

It is expected that a 500 GB version of Hitachi G-Connect will be available in the G-technology website and Hitachi authorized retail and distribution center from the next month. Its price as expected will be $200.