Gaming Apps Are the Most Used In Smart Phones

Smart phone users prefer entertainment apps the most

A recent study conducted on the usage patterns of smart phones has shown that maximum users prefer to buy a smart phone for the many gaming features. Although smart phones are useful in a myriad functions, with built in connectivity features, games dominate usage patterns. According to the report, if the apps downloaded in the span of a month are taken into consideration, then a gaming app is sure to be found on the download list. The frequency of game downloads has increased considerably in the past months. With smart phones available for affordable prices, the sales are on a steady increase.

Social networking apps are the second most popular

Next to gaming apps are the social networking apps that are most widely used among smart phone users. The maps and navigation apps that consist of features like receiving weather updates are also very popular. Several people also use the phones as a means of receiving news updates and music. Users can now subscribe newspapers and magazines through their smart phones.

Latest usage statistics

As per the survey conducted, people are ready to pay for gaming and other entertainment apps. Surprisingly, the amount that they are ready is pay is substantial. Gaming took the lion’s share of apps market with 97% of users saying that they were wiling to pay for an app related to gaming. Next in line were the entertainment apps as 87% were ready to spend money on them. The third maximum used apps are the productivity apps, which grabbed an 84% consumer base. A respectable percentage of users were ready to pay for map and navigation apps as well. Search apps also have a decent patronage.

Apple smart phones and mobile operating system rule in gaming

For gamers, the most desirable platform was Apple’s iOS. When compared to Android phones, iphone users play more games. As per statistics of the study, people with iphone spend 14.7 hours per month on an average on gaming, while android users registered 9.8% gaming usage on an average per month. The study also took into account adult users and found that in the US and UK, 52% of adult users uses their smart phones for gaming. 16% of adult users use their smart phones as a regular gaming device.

Smart phones sell due to gaming features

As a result of this interesting survey, it has been concluded that while smart phones are extremely useful for a lot of activities, gaming is a major pull among both youth and adults.