German legislator steps down because of Facebook scandal

Here, is another politician, who got involve in sex scandal through the social media site giant, Facebook.  The politician met the girl on Facebook.  It had changed his lifestyle because he got often seen posting a message on Facebook about anything that he is doing in his life.

Christian von Boetticher, 40, the successful state legislator at the leading of the Christian Democratic Union’s ticket in the northern government of Schleswig-Holstein, resigned as head of the party in a news conference on Sunday. He admitted that he had an affair with a girl, who is about half his age.  The affair was legal in his country, but voters are not ready to the fact that their beloved legislator had a sex affair with the teenager.

Long before the news had surfaced.  Most of his colleague already got worried, when their legislator would often spend more time posting in Facebook than doing his own job.  He had shared some pictures that other legislators  not keened on sharing.

The people in Germany do not mind about the sex lives of their politicians, but they also value the privacy and modesty more than Americans.  Just this month, one German regulator, had asked Facebook to disable the tagging software as he got concerned about the unlawful data collection of a person. In Germany, there are more than 82 million people living, which accounted for the 20 million users of the social site giant.

Technology seems boundless that some people forget what to post and what not to post on their account.  Especially, in the case of politicians since they are one of the most in-demand  people in their country.

Boetticher claims that the parent is aware of the relationship he had with their daughter.  The girl defended the former lover against the criticism that the politician is getting.  She claimed that behind a politician is a person, who has a feeling.

However, she already embarrassed the former legislator, when she describes all the text messages that she receives from the legislator had sent before the first meeting.  During the first meeting, the two spent two days in a hotel, wherein they had enjoyed sex with each other.

In the Berliner Zeitung, columnist Jutta Kramm surprise that Boetticher believes that he does not need to step down just because he has an affair with a teenager it since the relationship accepted in Germany.  No one could blame him over the affair he has with a  girl half his age.