Get Rid of Hard Disk Errors

Types of Errors in Hard Disk

There are two types of storage media in computer systems, one is Secondary (Portable) and second one is “Primary Storage”. A hard disk is primary type of storage media. It is always warned to regular check because the physical damage to hard drive may put our important data on stake. When your system in working condition or starting up, an unexpected error message popped up may stop your access to your hard disk. That massage may be one of them, listed below.First up is Seek error- sector not found, is related to Bad Sectors on hard disk.

Second up is Serious Disk Error Writing Drive.

Third up is Data Error Reading Drive.

Third up is I/O Error.

From listed massage, the primary indication goes to data corruption or any physical damage in hard disk.

To resolve all the listed problems related to hard drive, you have to analyze root cause of error, and determination of health of disk. To check the health of disk you can run Scandisk feature available in all windows system (windows 200 to windows 7). If you can access to your system (problem is not so critical), then you can follow the below steps.

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Scandisk>Enter

Now choose a particular drive for testing errors.

Or Go through command prompt –

Start>Run>Write down “Scandisk”

Virus, malicious software, computer worms, hardware failure, these are the main factor to Error generating in hard disk.

Hard disk failures may be sorted out in four different ways, Logical failure, Electronic failure, Firmware Corruption of data and last one is Mechanical failure.

Sometimes it can be possible the error in hard disk caused by more than one causes, depending on what is the error or data is recordable or not after such faults.

It is worth nothing that after passing time all hard disks will face Bad Sectors, regrettably this is not avoidable and bad sectors may be the cause of data lose also.

I am going to describe, failures, in shorts.

Logical failures

Those kinds of failures are little bit different in nature, in such cases disk will be fine physically and errors could be because of some seriously fragmented disk.

Mechanical Failures

As the name suggests, fault related to components in hard drive failing, you will not be able to access data. To know the error is whether related to mechanical failure or not, powering the system up if hard drive making constant clicking noise then you got it. In such cases hardware requires repair or replacement of part.

Electronic Failures

This fault relates to controller board, caused by power spikes. This is not so critical error in terms of data loss and a specialist in data recovery can recover you whole data.

Firmware Corruption

This error is related to embedded software code .That corruption stops communication between hard drive and rest of system